Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To look forward to.

Just some digression when everyone's studying Chinese, and we're having a free period aft a taxing Physics SPA session.

We're hoping to have a class outing aft promos. Everyone's hoping, right? Say right. Right. Right. Right. Right, we also hope tt everybody will come along. So, now we can start planning! Haha!

Some of the activities we have in mind include:
1. Scuba-diving
2. Cycling (ubin? ecp? midnight? :o)
3. Midnight lan (cfmed)
4. BBQ/Chalet
5. Movie (like duh :/)
6. Steamboat (dom's favourite)
7. Go overseas (like somewhere near like Genting zzz)
8. Sea sports (dragon boating, cable skii, kayaking, windsurfing etc.)
9. Minds' cafe/ Settlers (board games for like 3 hours str no life)
10. Go sentosa free & easy TGT. hahahaha!
11. Clubbing
12. Go see Lionel Lye's concert.

Muahahaha! :D
Ok, any more suggestions pls tag on class blog! In the meantime, continue mugging for promos.
:( Awwwwwww.....

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