Tuesday, August 26, 2008


  1. Equations and inequalities Assig [27th Wed]
  2. Waves Tut [27th Wed]
  3. Math differentiation tut [27th Wed]
  4. Chinese ex worksheet, MCQs [27th Wed]
  5. Bring GC [27th Wed]
  6. Gravitational Assig [28th Thurs]
  7. Please order your year books to Alvin H! $20 each! (: [29th Fri]
  8. Newsflash YiFang & ShangFa. [28th Thurs]
  9. Organic Chem tutorial [28th Thurs]

  • What do we want to give for teachers' day???
  • What we gonna wear?
  • What food we want?
Please give any suggestions!
Many thanks! (:

Tmrw assembly starts at 8.30am

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