Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take note...

  1. Please be in half uniform & bring your items for your compass electives.
    -Brain Gym: PE attire, water bottle, writing material.
    -Hip Hop: PE attire & water bottle.

  2. Please sign up for 1 career seminar talk on the ISIS Portal under Student Development. (Compulsory)
    The seminars will be on 20 August (Wed), 2.30-3.30pm.
    Seminars to choose from:
    - Which career is right for me?
    - Career in Accountancy
    - Career in Healthcare
    - Career in Interactive Entertainment
    - Career in Aeronautical Engineering
    - Career in the Sciences

  • 2.4km run for girls & 5 items for guys.

Teachers' day:
There is a mass potluck party & we will be given a laptop sleeve, which we will put small gifts inside for the teachers.
So please think about what food you would like to bring & ideas of gifts.

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