Saturday, August 16, 2008


  • "Dates to note" added at the side of the blog.

  • Homework will be updated daily once again.
    I'll try my best to post everyday if I can, no promises ^^"

  • When do you guys want a mass birthday celebration this month?

Homework (15th, Fri):
  1. WR [18th Monday]
  2. Equations & Inequalities tutorial [18th Monday]
  3. GP Newsflash: Jolene & Weijie [18th Monday]
  4. Econs Workbk, Pg42, Qnt 1 [19th Tuesday]
  5. Chem clinic worksheet [21st Thursday]
  6. Organic chem tutorial [22 Friday]
  7. Phys PBL [send in the ppt by this weekend]

All the best for your performance, HinKai!! (: (:

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