Monday, April 27, 2009


There is only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give it everything.
— Vince Lombardi

sorry about the random quote, not much to update the blog about, but still want to update.
haha :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Take note!

1) School Graduation Certificate (By 1 May, Fri)

2) Physics Test
Circular Motion, DC Circuits, EMI, AC, Thermal Physics

3) PE Survey (By 3 May)
MUST DO, or else supposedly got MAKEUP PE.

4) Statistics 3 - Sampling (I) E-Learning [by 3 May]

5) Economics Revision Session (Starting from 29 April, Wed)
Every Wednesday, 2.30-3.30pm

6) Physics Revision Session (Starting from 6 May, Wed)
MCQ time trials
Every Wednesday, 3.30-4.30pm

& lastly, $10 class fund! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. - Winston Churchill
Lets all be positive and jiayou :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CIP on 25 april

Hey guys, as u all know we're doing a cip this coming sat. Details are as follows:

venue: St Hilda's Commumity Services Centre
Blk 10 #01-06 Jalan Batu
U can take a look at the location here:
it's somewhere near Dunman high/kallang/opposite School of The Arts. oh, there's a SPC petrol station nearby, somewhere after the bus-stop. some buses are :12,14,196,158...

Time: 9.30-1pm we'll be meeting at 8.45am at kallang mrt control station
Attire: class tee, school pants/skirts

BTW, we'll be performing 2 songs : tian2 mi4 mi4 and guan1 huai2 fang1 shi4.

Hope all of us can sing loudly and nicely on sat cos i beleive we have the talent. hahaha.

-jackalyn :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"
- Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Press the following on your mobile *#06# and the-international mobile equipment identity number appears. Then check the 7th and 8th numbers:

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 02 or 20 this means your cell phone was assembled in China which is low quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 08 or 80 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 01 or 10 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Finland which is very Good

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 00 this means your cell phone was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 13 this means your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and also dangerous for your health


Friday, April 10, 2009

Projectwork :) :)


95.5% for MJC :D
We're even in the breaking new section! Cool!

AROUND 95 per cent of Meridian Junior College (MJC) students scored As in Project Work, making their school the top performer in the A-level subject this year.

The school beat top JCs Hwa Chong Institution, which had 85 per cent distinctions, and Raffles Institution (Junior College) which had 92 per cent distinctions.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Updates for hw & upcoming events at the side of the blog! :D
  • Math makeup on Monday
  • Carbonyl Quiz on Tues
Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success!
Saw this on the teachers' lanyard HAHA

Friday, April 3, 2009


HI 401!!! :D

This coming THURS there is
movie marathon!!
Please come if you can, its going to be lots lots lots of fun! :D
9pm-7am at the Hall