Saturday, January 31, 2009

some GP stuff to note... (FYI)

On monday, i'll be giving out some forms regarding the ordering of magazines. 

The options are as follows:
1) Newsweek (30 issues) $24
2) Newsweek (20 issues) &
     Broader Perspectives (8 issues) $46
3) Broader Perspectives (10 issues) $45
4) The Economist (12 issues) $30

The above can be paid using edusave (preferred mode of payment). Forms will be given out on monday. I'l have to collect them by Wed, 4th Feb. 

Time magazine is also available for $24 for 30 issues.  For this, u'll have to purchase it from the vendor urself. Forms will be given out on Monday as well. 

The GP department is also organising several trips too. One to the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) on 13th Feb and To the drama Centre Theatre to watch a play (27th Feb to 14th March pick a day).
Enjoy your weekend 



Calling for registration!

NTU-MOE Economics Seminar 2009
Economics & Public Policy

Venue: NTU - Lee Kong Chian lecture theatre
Date: 14 March 2009
Time: 9am - 5pm
Attire: Full college uniform (boooooo:()
Cost: $10

Anyway, I'm thinking it might be beneficial, so why not?

Do tell me if you're interested and cough up the 10 bucks before Wednesday yea? Have a great weekend people!


Friday, January 30, 2009


Thermometer Check on 3rd Feb (Tuesday) &
Temperature-taking exercise - 6th Feb (Friday)

Please remember to bring your thermometers!
If you dont have or its not working, its available at the bookshop. But buy it on Monday as the bookshop is not open in the morning.


& when going Mr Lye's home bai nian??

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Class outing Part III

Hello wello pomelo!
Hahahahahah okay more pictures Ubin boys and girls!

Class outing Part II

Hello wello pomelo!
Its your most favorite-d person here again.
BIGGER pichax from A.QUEK this time round!


Haha this is hilarious!
These two sillyheads got the same smiles!


: the world of dogs or of dog fanciers

The boat we took vroom.

Blood, mm, yumyum! (:

Cycling pics

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Class Outing 09

23 Jan 2009
Chinese New Year Celebration

The three girls coloring the cute cow hee (:

Guitar session with the Korean boy.

Alyyy and Jacjac

Our lao yu sheng/seng however you spell it thing.

Mass laoing

Yaaaaaaaaaaam Seeeennnggggggggggg!
haha joong looks so happy oops

Take ONE


THREE. Omg ouch, I pity your poor eyes.

Papa Weijie

Hcong attempting to play. Attempting.

Brian & Jolene its feels weird typing my own name LOL.

Sister Kai

The pretty and the uh, quite handsome.

I Love You!

Monkey you haha!

Pulau Ubin

Cheers all!
Ice Mountain plus 100 Plus plus F&N Orange Advert.

A.Quek & Hinky

Awesome picture!

Korean boy & China man emo at the other end.

Dom, promoting Atlas

Brian looking at ants 0.0

Hornbill omg hornbill hornbill!

Village kids

Emo Nemo

New York New York Class Dinner

Dominic's Heroic Night.
The NYNY Burger Challenge

Thats all.
The rest of the pichax are with Alicia. (: