Thursday, February 26, 2009

NTU-MOE Economics Seminar 2009 - Economics & Public Policy

Hey to people who are going to NTU, namely Ben, me, Shawn, Hinky, Joey, Alicia, Ahoe, Brian, Jolene, Hc, Joong and Dom!

Haha ok these people remember to bring 10 bucks on Monday yea!

Just a reminder of where and when.

Where: NTU - Lee Kong Chian LT
When: 14 March 2009 (Sat), 9am - 5pm (we can have breakfast and dinner together or sth)
Attire: Full college uniform (booo:()

Ok that's all see yall at Soireeeeeeee later! And all the best for tmr maths test we need it badly this time round!

Haha ok :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Woo wooo

  1.!! Happening on 3rd March, 7pm!
    Your usernames and passwords will be emailed to you tmrw, smsed by sat.

  2. Extra math lesson on 2nd March, 2.35-3.25pm

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Math Test.....

Math Lecture Test - 27 Feb (Fri)
- Integration (techniques of integration & definite integrals)
- Differential Equations

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My friend found this photo on someone's blog =D
Thank you for your support and the ever vibrant spirit!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Compass electives!!

Hey ppl, sorry this is kinda late (:

Fun with Crafts:
- Alicia, Dominic, Alvin Q, Yifang
-Bring items like cardboard, coloured paper, scraps of cloth, needles & thread.

The New Psychology of Personal Freedom:
- Desiree, Weijie, Jackalyn
- E1-1

An Intro to Conversational Malay:
- Alvin H, Jolene, Hancong, Brian
- E4-5

Yoga Fun:
- Valerie, Joey
- AVA room
-Pls wear PE attire (PANTS not shorts) and bring yoga mats.

Cake decoration:
-Pls pay $2 for materials, bring apron for all lessons. & 2 cupcakes for deco on the 2nd session.

Financial Literacy:
- Benjamin

Vocal workshop:
- Shangfa, Shawn
- Band room

Tippetty Tap, Intro to Tap dancing:
- YongJoong, Hinkai
- Pls wear PE attire & bring court/tap shoes.

Retro Recorder:
- Peiwen
-Pls bring music recorders (Can buy from yamaha for $5)

Collection for charity

The Arts Department is planning to do our bit for the community this yr by setting up a stall (hopefully) at the Tanglin flea market later in April. All proceeds will go to the SCAS, and in the process, we're hoping to also encourage the spirit of recycling!

Having said that, it'd be great if you guys could contribute some items to our stall (:. We're looking at second hand items that are still in good condition - clothes, bags, shoes, books, games, electronic items - and most importantly, NON-BULKY! (Definition of non-bulky: anything that you can take along with you to school even if you're coming by bus/mrt)

The collection for these items will be during your respective COMMON LUNCHES this coming Thursday (19/2) at the canteen.

Monday, February 16, 2009


1) Chem Test: 17 Feb (Tuesday)
-Introduction to Organic chem, Alkanes, Alkenes

2) Physics Test: 19 Feb (Thursday)
- 5 MCQ and 3 structured questions
- Chapter 7: Gravitation, Chapter 11: Currents of Electricity, Chapter 12: DC Circuits, Chapter 13: Electric Field

JIAYOU JIAYOU! STUDYYY! :D be nerds! (as said by jolene & alvin(:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Click for better image :)
heyy ppl, post the photos too when you have time :) :)
orientation, vday, any class stuff :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

some NE stuff...

Hey people. Here is a (very) rare post by me. Just to let you know that this thursday compass lesson we will be doing a collage about total defence day. If possible, please try to bring the following on thursday:

- Glue
- Magazines
- Markers
- Tape
- And any other things related to making a collage.

Thanks. :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Magazine form collection

Hey guys, i need u all to submit ur magazine forms to me by monday. If possible, do pay using edusave as it would be easier. Do call the number stated in the letter to check that u have sufficient funds to pay for the magazines. If u don't have enough, u'll have to pay by cash (duh...).

Thank u for ur co-operation.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh Gee Else

Hey 401 ogls! Here are the what to wear and et cetera.

Wed: Report in half uniform, bring pe attire to change into (do chuck in your class tee too cause we might need it).
Thurs: Report in school uniform, bring atlas house shirt and dark shorts to change into.
Fri: Report in school uniform, bring green fortitude ogl shirt and dark shorts to change into.
Sat: Report in black azimuth shirt and dark shorts and bring atlas ogl shirt for the finale.

*Information correct at time of posting :)

Anyway, this is what we're doing tomorrow, just for info sake.

9.35 - 10.50: Mass Dance
10.50 -12.05: Choir Auditions for the guys at Lt3.




Monday, February 2, 2009

please note!

Please sign up for Compass Elective Prog on ISIS portal!
Click Student Services --> Compass elective registeration --> Sign up for courses --> JC2 Compass electives at the dropdown
And choose what you want :)
Signup Deadline: Feb 4 2009 11:59PM