Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Compass electives!!

Hey ppl, sorry this is kinda late (:

Fun with Crafts:
- Alicia, Dominic, Alvin Q, Yifang
-Bring items like cardboard, coloured paper, scraps of cloth, needles & thread.

The New Psychology of Personal Freedom:
- Desiree, Weijie, Jackalyn
- E1-1

An Intro to Conversational Malay:
- Alvin H, Jolene, Hancong, Brian
- E4-5

Yoga Fun:
- Valerie, Joey
- AVA room
-Pls wear PE attire (PANTS not shorts) and bring yoga mats.

Cake decoration:
-Pls pay $2 for materials, bring apron for all lessons. & 2 cupcakes for deco on the 2nd session.

Financial Literacy:
- Benjamin

Vocal workshop:
- Shangfa, Shawn
- Band room

Tippetty Tap, Intro to Tap dancing:
- YongJoong, Hinkai
- Pls wear PE attire & bring court/tap shoes.

Retro Recorder:
- Peiwen
-Pls bring music recorders (Can buy from yamaha for $5)

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