Monday, March 31, 2008

31 March

  • Read Chinese passage in the worksheet and do Qnt 13 & 14 (Qnts by Thurs latest)
  • Read the new Chem notes Pg 1-4

Be careful around midnight cause tmrw is APRIL FOOL'S ;D

Calender updated!! :D
So watch out for the tests dates ):

; Snake ~

Class Post at Library.

Haha, we're at the library waiting for GP teacher. Everyone pls go to IVLE now instead of wasting time here. I'm bored... :/

Friday, March 28, 2008

28th Fri's hw


  • GP essay Qnt 3
  • Phys, Forces tutorial (Kinematics assignment Dr Vaz will probably just collect & mark, so during our tutorials should be go thru the Forces tut)
  • and yeah PW first PI draft supposed to hand in on Tues (since tues is the day of our PW tutorial)
    Also, the PW teachers uploaded some stuff that might be useful to you on IVLE.
  • GP stuff is supposed to be in a folder with our tutor's name, on the same page as the other subjs folder or in the GP folder. But some of us (me!) cant seem to view it, so yeah :/
  • Also Chem Mole Concept Tutorial 4 & 5 is up in IVLE, so view it if you need.

That's all I think.
Happy weekending!

;Tired snake

chem tys

sorry abt telling u all to bring the 8 dollars yesterday for nth....but please bring the 8 dollars on mon for the chem TYS . o and bring 5 dollars for some photo mugshot thingy on mon ...thxs

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sorry so late...!
  • Write about the Chinese newspaper article (Hand up on Tues)
  • Chem Redox Revision Ex Worksheet
  • Chinese Worksheet Ex 2
Nights ppl! (:


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hello dear all,

Barcode, as in? :

oops, its suppose to be 401.

By the way, are we doing anything in front?


26th Wed


  • Read and print GP readings. (Brought up in a gay family etc etc)
  • GP Family Marriage Gender Notes. Qnts 1-4? on the last page. Sorry but I dunno what to do also. Brainstorm & think about the qnts i think? :/
    (Anyone who knows please edit!)
  • Econs: Unit 2 Demand, Supply & the Market worksheet, do III Essays Qnt 1a & 1b
  • ohoh and, those that didnt go for the Econs Makeup lectureon PC Market on Tues, you can go to IVLE to see the slides gone thru that day.
And our blog has higher hits than Peter's gay blog! Oops! ;D


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

prices of jackets

i went to queenstown today and found out the jacket prices for you guys.
apparently they don't sell addidas jackets for printings or emboidery.


around [$38 max] or else around 36+ like tht.

around [$55 max] or ard there.


AROUND ($45)

the prices are quoted as i showed him the picture of the PATTERN tht we wanted on your class jacket. the 08s401 team tht thing.
everybody , please stick to tht as prices will be kept at the lowest cause its not that complicated and easy to do ESPICALLY for emboidery.

i seriously recommend that you guys choose either FBT or DIADORA jackets. cause they feel the best.

for the NEW BALANCE jackets , it kind of suck as the jacket is sooooo thin tht i find it kind of useless to keep us warm.
please make your decisions by thursday as i need to do the collecting of money and choose colour and measure sizes which will drag some time.

thanks for cooperating ! =)

JNZL (joey)


hope you're still alive =P
  • Phys Kinematics Asiggment
  • GP IVLE Marriage Worksheet (Hand up on Mon)
  • Chinese Worksheet, Q3 & 4
  • Math Induction tutorial
  • Chem, Mole Ratio Concept Worksheet

Monday, March 24, 2008


Class jacket I

Hello dear all.

08s401's class jacket collection I
(I think i'll intro more collections if you guys dun like it(: )

This was our first plan, just in case if you silly ones forgot.

These are the new ones:
a) For both genders if the guys don't mind the first one.
The first one will most prolly spread across the entire back.
The second one will only be at the middle portion (?).

b)For the girls & guys respectively:

If you all have any designs, please pass me ASAP okay.
I'll try to geddit done on the comp if i can :X
Thanks a million gazillion. (:

Comments & feedbacks PLEASE.
I'm desperate.



  • Purple Econs workbook:
    -Pg 9 Qnt 4, Pg 12 Qnt ai) (By Mr Wong)
    -Pg 13 Qnt 2. (By mass lecturer)
  • Chinese (Reality & Memory exercise)
  • GP:
    -Paraphrase Worksheet
    -Go IVLE, print and do paraphrasing of the summary
    -Print out GP readings too.
  • Dont forget tmrw hav PW, so do the organiser!


tees and jackets

hey guys , shangfa is kinda right. colossyum is indeed approaching. getting a class tee would make us easier to identify each one among the crowds.

you all wouldn't mind if the jacket is no brand and it is comfortable right?
i will try my best if i can get adiddas jacket. checking the printing price would be how much for the jackets.

about the class tees , those with good ideas please post it on the blog =)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've got another design, might not be as nice as SF's one, but just leave ur comments, thx!

Maybe class tees? Cause Colossyum is coming!

Hey guys, maybe class tees instead? Cause Colossyum is coming, and it would be real cool if we could wear class tee! What do you guys think of the design?



find jackets

OH . FOR those who are able to find cheap hoodies / jackets. please do find them.

oh erm anyone whould like to accompany me to QUEENSTOWN shopping mall to look for the class jacket price?saw quite a few shops tht does class jackets .. etc

oh erm the budget is $70 right?


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reminder for collection of class fund.

A collection of $10 is due to all those who have yet to pay.
This 10 bucks will go at the expense of yr worksheets, files, graph papers, etc etc
The idea of class fund is mainly due to cheap worksheets (5cents, 10cents per piece) which sums up to be $2 plus for the entire class and is an amount that neither individuals would like to donate for multiple times.
So, do your part, pay your part =P.

However, it does not cover cost of some expensive materials.

We serve to be of yr convenience =D

LOAN SHARK (warning: do not offend him)

Friday, March 21, 2008

class jacket

bad news, the class is not getting class jackets anymore... instead we will be getting class shoes.

weekend hw...

Good morning 08S401! (:
Paiseh got delay in this post.
Ytd too tired alr. Haha.

  • Mathematic Induction Tutorial
  • Purple econs book, Q1c & 3
  • Chinese worksheet Q1 & 2 + 70 words on author's feelings for some groups.
  • Mole concept revision worksheet (Handup on Mon, 24th)
  • Econs test on Demand & Supply (except pg 18 of lecture notes) on Wed, 27th
  • Bring Chem light blue ring file for next Chem tutorial
Yup, that's it. Hopefully I didnt miss out anything.

Enjoy this longer weekend ppl! (:
& think of some ideas for Jude's birthday! (25th march)
& tag more!




Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soccer anyone?

Hey people, just to add on to the hw list, don't forget the recurrence relations tutorial!

And btw, the soccer game tmr still on? Who's bringing ball? 


PW slides out...

hey ppl... just thought u might be interested to know...the pw slides on modernization and journeys are up on IVLE, so if u missed copying anything during the pw lectures, you might wanna refer to those slides. Dunno why we jotted down notes during pw tho when slides are available online haha.



Tmrw is the last day of this week!
So hang in there!, those people who are suffering from lack of sleep, sian-ness and are sick or tired, as quoted from some people's msn nicks.

As we sail through life,
don't avoid storms and rough waters.
Just let it pass.
Just Sail.

Always remember,
Calm seas never make skillful sailors

Jiayou 08S401! :D

And here's today's report!:
  • Summation tut Q7
  • Summation assigment
  • Update your email on IvLE & download and complete graphic organiser for PW
Yup that's it folks!

- Snake
(whose keyboard's button "v" cannot work hence copying&pasting every "v" she types. LOL XD)

High fat yoghurt.

(8)* What other kind of healthier choice foods would you want the school canteen to provide?

Pls fill in High fat yoghurt!!!

-Shangfa. (:

The Survey.

The Health Survey on ISIS:
(3)* Do you go for calcium-rich foods like, sardines and soya bean products?

Like duh. :/


$10 for Class Fund.

People, I think we need to bring $10 for class fund tomorrow. Or is it $5? I think bring 10 just in case lah.. Right then, see you guys tomorrow! :D


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

stupid health survey to be done

okay everybody...juz a reminder...please go to the mj school portal to do a survey under student services. heres the link for the portal anyway : .



It's easier to go down the mountain than up,
but the view from the top is best.
School might be tough for some of us, but dont give in! (:

  • GP current affairs worksheet
  • Do MJ sch portal survey under student services
  • Read Phys SPA skill B, bring long ruler & graph paper for Phys practical
  • Assembly starts at 8.30am instead of 7.30am tmrw! Dont be blur!
;Sore throat snake

Monday, March 17, 2008

17th's Hw & such...


  • Purple Econs workbook, finish up Q2 & do pg 12
    (Thurs is our next tut, so I guess that's the dateline)
  • For those who didnt take Econs in PAE, do Unit 1 tutorial.
  • Rmbr to bring Chinese Textbook tmrw!
  • Because Friday is a holiday, PW lesson on Friday has been shifted to this wed. From 1.45 to 2.30pm.
    Those whose CCA cut into this lesson, please inform Mr Cia tmrw!
  • Tmrw's Phys tut is held in E1-6 instead of E3-3.
Hmm, rejoice!! There isn't much hw! ;D

Oh oh, and one more thing!

Let's think of something yeahhhh? :D

; Choking-on-cough snake

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sian, school starts tomorrow... All the best for the Physics test! Maybe we should do the get very lousy for first test, then get very good for the next test.. Then can get Best Improvement Award! Haha! Kidding... Goodnight, see you guys tomorrow. :D

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Class jacket...

Dont know how's the class jacket going, found this online shop that does class tees and jackets.

-Ill Snake.

Class Outing is officially canceled...

Bad news everyone. The class outing is now canceled because too many people are going. There is simply not enough room at ECP to accommodate all of us. So the outing will either be canceled or postpone to Christmas. If there are any violent objections, please SPAM my email - Hope none of you were getting your hopes high. In life, we need to prepare for the unexpected. An event such as this is an example. I hope you all are not too sad cause i am not. Actually, if you have fully read what i have typed, you are an idiot because you have spent 2 minutes of your precious time reading this post that is completely not true. The class outing is still on. HAHA...


Submitted by: Guess Who?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Class outing confirmed

Hey... 08s401's class outing will be at ECP ( East coast park) on this friday, 14th march. PPl who wanna go... we will be meeting at bedok mrt control station at say...8.30am. If it rains, we will be going bowling. Oh yeah, if u see this post, do spread it to as many ppl in our class as possible for the benefit of those who do not visit the blog. thxs alot. Hope to see you guys this fri. =)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How about ECP again?

Hey, you guys want it at ECP? We go cycle/skate, hang out? :/

-IVAN!!! -_-'''

Monday, March 10, 2008

Class Outing...

Three words - When is it?

- Scofield

All in this together

We may have met recently
We may not know each other very well
We may not have bonded yet

But like it or not
We're stuck with each other for 2 more years
So let's make these years
Something we will cherish always
A time remembered fondly
A time we can laugh over
A time without regrets

For it is not the times we will have together that will be important
It is the PEOPLE

And the bonds we will form inevitably,
Through these 2 years.
Might be tested at the end.
But when that time comes,
I hope we can stay as
Friends for life.

So do not forget us if we separate
No matter who you become
No matter where you go
For we shall always be

08S401! (:

P.S. Dont let this blog dieeeeee. Please.

-Bored Snake

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Hols to do!

Hey people, if I'm not wrong which I hope I'm not, these are the hw for March!
  1. Chem revision ex (Atoms, molecules & stoichiometry)
  2. Tutorial 6 : Redox chem
  3. Math Summation tutorial
  4. Phys Kinematics tutorial
  5. Econs E-tutorials on IVLE (Term 1)
And there will be a Phys test when school reopens, Chap 1 & 2.

Also, remember to bring Phys SPA Skill B, 30cm ruler & graph paper.
Plus, get your Chinese textbook by the first day of T2, cos we've got CL lesson on that day.

Finally take care and enjoy your hols! :D
(please have a class outing! lol)

Im damn excited and hyped about our class blog! :D
(just edit any mistakes, thanks!)

Friday, March 7, 2008

First Post!

Hey beautiful & handsome people of 08s401! This blog is created for us to post homework, assignments that need to be handed in, any upcoming tests, and most importantly class outings! Post anything you guys want here yea? Have a great March holidays!