Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Hols to do!

Hey people, if I'm not wrong which I hope I'm not, these are the hw for March!
  1. Chem revision ex (Atoms, molecules & stoichiometry)
  2. Tutorial 6 : Redox chem
  3. Math Summation tutorial
  4. Phys Kinematics tutorial
  5. Econs E-tutorials on IVLE (Term 1)
And there will be a Phys test when school reopens, Chap 1 & 2.

Also, remember to bring Phys SPA Skill B, 30cm ruler & graph paper.
Plus, get your Chinese textbook by the first day of T2, cos we've got CL lesson on that day.

Finally take care and enjoy your hols! :D
(please have a class outing! lol)

Im damn excited and hyped about our class blog! :D
(just edit any mistakes, thanks!)

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