Monday, March 10, 2008

All in this together

We may have met recently
We may not know each other very well
We may not have bonded yet

But like it or not
We're stuck with each other for 2 more years
So let's make these years
Something we will cherish always
A time remembered fondly
A time we can laugh over
A time without regrets

For it is not the times we will have together that will be important
It is the PEOPLE

And the bonds we will form inevitably,
Through these 2 years.
Might be tested at the end.
But when that time comes,
I hope we can stay as
Friends for life.

So do not forget us if we separate
No matter who you become
No matter where you go
For we shall always be

08S401! (:

P.S. Dont let this blog dieeeeee. Please.

-Bored Snake

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