Friday, March 21, 2008

weekend hw...

Good morning 08S401! (:
Paiseh got delay in this post.
Ytd too tired alr. Haha.

  • Mathematic Induction Tutorial
  • Purple econs book, Q1c & 3
  • Chinese worksheet Q1 & 2 + 70 words on author's feelings for some groups.
  • Mole concept revision worksheet (Handup on Mon, 24th)
  • Econs test on Demand & Supply (except pg 18 of lecture notes) on Wed, 27th
  • Bring Chem light blue ring file for next Chem tutorial
Yup, that's it. Hopefully I didnt miss out anything.

Enjoy this longer weekend ppl! (:
& think of some ideas for Jude's birthday! (25th march)
& tag more!


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