Friday, March 28, 2008

28th Fri's hw


  • GP essay Qnt 3
  • Phys, Forces tutorial (Kinematics assignment Dr Vaz will probably just collect & mark, so during our tutorials should be go thru the Forces tut)
  • and yeah PW first PI draft supposed to hand in on Tues (since tues is the day of our PW tutorial)
    Also, the PW teachers uploaded some stuff that might be useful to you on IVLE.
  • GP stuff is supposed to be in a folder with our tutor's name, on the same page as the other subjs folder or in the GP folder. But some of us (me!) cant seem to view it, so yeah :/
  • Also Chem Mole Concept Tutorial 4 & 5 is up in IVLE, so view it if you need.

That's all I think.
Happy weekending!

;Tired snake

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