Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tmrw is the last day of this week!
So hang in there!, those people who are suffering from lack of sleep, sian-ness and are sick or tired, as quoted from some people's msn nicks.

As we sail through life,
don't avoid storms and rough waters.
Just let it pass.
Just Sail.

Always remember,
Calm seas never make skillful sailors

Jiayou 08S401! :D

And here's today's report!:
  • Summation tut Q7
  • Summation assigment
  • Update your email on IvLE & download and complete graphic organiser for PW
Yup that's it folks!

- Snake
(whose keyboard's button "v" cannot work hence copying&pasting every "v" she types. LOL XD)

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