Saturday, January 24, 2009

Class Outing 09

23 Jan 2009
Chinese New Year Celebration

The three girls coloring the cute cow hee (:

Guitar session with the Korean boy.

Alyyy and Jacjac

Our lao yu sheng/seng however you spell it thing.

Mass laoing

Yaaaaaaaaaaam Seeeennnggggggggggg!
haha joong looks so happy oops

Take ONE


THREE. Omg ouch, I pity your poor eyes.

Papa Weijie

Hcong attempting to play. Attempting.

Brian & Jolene its feels weird typing my own name LOL.

Sister Kai

The pretty and the uh, quite handsome.

I Love You!

Monkey you haha!

Pulau Ubin

Cheers all!
Ice Mountain plus 100 Plus plus F&N Orange Advert.

A.Quek & Hinky

Awesome picture!

Korean boy & China man emo at the other end.

Dom, promoting Atlas

Brian looking at ants 0.0

Hornbill omg hornbill hornbill!

Village kids

Emo Nemo

New York New York Class Dinner

Dominic's Heroic Night.
The NYNY Burger Challenge

Thats all.
The rest of the pichax are with Alicia. (:

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