Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hw for todayy.

  1. Chinese groupwork on textbk passage [20th Wed]
  2. Vectors 4 Assig [20th Wed]
  3. Math differentiation tutorial. Half of qnt 1. [20th Wed]
  4. Chem clinic worksheet [21st Thursday]
  5. Fill up summary of acid & base titration [21st Fri]
  6. Organic Chem tutorial [21st Fri]
  7. Do CCA records on the ISIS portal. [22th Friday]
  8. $$$ for class photos [Die die by 22th Friday, the photos will come on Friday]
  9. Please order your year books to Alvin H! $20 each! (: [27th Wed]

Career Seminar Talks,
Please rmb that you are supposed to stay back on wednesday, tmrw to attend the career seminar talks. It is COMPULSORY.

Jiayou people!! Tmrw is wed, early early day!


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