Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello hello!

Hey guys, shangy here! Haha, this is not to kill time, this is serious stuff! Haha, I'm broke for the week, and the week hasn't even started yet..

So erh, those who went sing song and haven't pay yet pls pay up your 5 bucks! Thank you so much, if not I'm going to starve for the next week... Esp you Ben, sing 1 hokkien song 5 dollar! :D

Anyway, this is for Hc. Who haven't paid for the class tee pls cough up the 30 bucks too! I think got 2 people, cong forked out the money first.. So pls pay him. Right.

Well, I guess that's all!

So, we're through Promos & Pw! Who's on for class outing?


Tag tag tag where to go where to go where to go!

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