Sunday, November 16, 2008

Class outing??

  1. Movies
  2. Iceskating/Inline skating
  3. BBQ & swimming at someone's house
  4. Sing K
  5. Go zoo/night safari/wild wild wet/bird park/escape
  6. Cage
  7. Others
Most probably on this Sat, as many of us have commitments on weekdays.
Please inform me asap when u all freeee :)


& we're organising a genting trip in early jan,
please ask for parental consent, we'll being asking and confirming the list of people going soon :)
Going: Alicia, Jolene, Serene, Hancong, Alvin H, Jackalyn. [6]
Pending: Brian, Dominic, Jude, Yongjoong, Shangfa, Alvin Q, Shawn.

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