Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Debate



Shang Fa

Enough arts/culture venues

- In S’pore, we already have arts venues like Esplanade

- > 7000 arts/culture activities last year

- Erosion of own traditional cultures

- No limit to culture, true. We already have more than enough avenues. Roadshows, museums.

Han Cong

Repository for Past

- Safekeep past, history and tradition

- Promote culture, heritage, sense of identity

- Relevance; no limit to culture

- Learning from past mistakes; not just experiential. If cultures die, museum is the last place for us to remember.

- SG is small and unique

- Treasure our own culture and status

- Need to emphasise SG culture

- Man without culture = body without soul

- Roots

- As we continue to grow, land depleted. Heritage contents need to be preserved in a museum.

Deepens understanding of others

- Erosion: Museum promotes understanding of other countries.

Caters to wide variety of interests

- Museums for stamps, coins, army. Good egs. Widen perspectives of particular interests.

Wei Jie


- More job opportunities; museum does bring jobs, but theme park has more

- Eg. Ticket sales, food. Museum = curator, guides, security

- Museums = Longer and more stable jobs, but museums give much less jobs. Feed more people; giving more people a source of income. Saves more people.

- Economic growth

- Museum may be education; education fundamentally for economy

- Man w/o culture = man w/o soul: In SG, we already have textbooks. Textbooks = soul. Museum = another soul.

- Mass appeal: People interested in arts and culture a minority

- Museums need funds


Tourism development

- Museum: Tourism development

- Travel agencies rather bring groups to museums

Lack of Theme Park expertise

- Theme parks require specialists / engineering expertise

- Theme park competition; S’pore less likely to excel

- Educational; people also learn culture and heritage

- Visit SG for theme park or culture? Escape Theme Park or culture icons?

Culture needs to be experienced

- Not just internet: Culture is EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

- Museums not easily replaced. Theme park is a significance of country’s wealth; museum = status and respect for a country.

Lack of land

- Themes parks are the same everywhere – Limited land area in Singapore. Tourists will go to better ones overseas.

- Museum is a place for remembrance

Yi Fang

Not enough culture to need a museum

- Young country; only little culture here

- Museum focuses only on SEA culture, rather than SG itself

- We only have Jap Occupation history; not very significant

- TP: more capital, more tourists

- E.g. reasons for IR

Experiential Learning of Culture does not need Ms

- Festivals – experience culture. No need to have museums.

- Museum not = experience of arts and culture. Try time machine. Or festivals.


- Theme Parks are for everyone. Museums have age restrictions.

- Museum not as accessible as textbooks or internet.


Museums are a form of Entertainment too

- Entertainment for the elderly

- Museums for everyone; all ages from zero to elderly, unlike theme parks(?!)

Relate to Globalisation

- Globalisation: Our small culture needs to be preserved; need for uniqueness. Resist globalisation’s force of homogenisation.


Importance of Entertainment

- Both have entertainment value, but TP provides more

- Museum only for interested people

- If people are interested, they won’t need a museum. Textbooks, internet are sources of info


- Shang Fa said we have more than enough: There’s no limit to culture

- Wei Jie: Job opportunities. But not stable income. Mostly part time

- Yi Fang: SG is multiracial, SEA’s culture is ours. We have a mix.

- Tourists come for our culture and food, don’t go just for theme parks.

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