Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stop & stare. (Edited)

  1. CG Photo taking on 31st July, 9.15-9.35am
    We can bring props (optional) & make our own placards (our register numbers) which we will hold during the shoot.
  2. Bring signed results slip tmrw
  3. Chem clinic tmrw
  4. The To-do list at the side is updated almost everyday, if not longest is every 2 days.
  5. Phys make up next mon (28th July)
  6. Chem File (25th July) & Chinese File (29th July)
  7. Economics Consolidation Test (31 July)
    Short Run - Fixed & Variable Cost
    Long Run - Internal Economies & Diseconomies Of Scale (Shape of LRAC)
  8. Chem Bonding Test (28th July)

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