Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey yo.

National Day celebration: Fort Canning Park for Potluck breakfast picnic.
People please tag/sms/tell what you want to bring for the picnic.
And please bring whatever you can & want.
Mats, drinks, food, balls, frisbee, camera & such.

Suggestions for after-movie activities:
1) Iceskating
2) Go sentosa play
3) Soccer
Any more / any supports? (:

& Hinkai is performing on the 16th of August at Esplanade.
Not sure about the other details but do you all wanna go support him? We can make it a class outing (: (:

& also, I looking for people who are willing to commit and help with our school's open house's decoration, preferably creative & can design/draw. Can be from any classes.
If you know someone who can draw well, please tell me too!!
If interested, please tell me/tag/sms.
Thanksss xiexie! :D

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