Friday, April 18, 2008

Rationale of buying class jacket

Hey pple, this is my first post here.hehe.Alvin talked about maths ,so now i talk about science:).The following is not found on internet or anywhere else:

Are u pple feeling stressed out due to the tons of homework, assignments and tests?

and are u pple feeling tired and suffocated?

This is the reason why: the atmospheric temperature at school is greater than 760mmHg. This is due to the stress exerted on us. As there is stress exerted, the pressure will be higher.Now, let's move on to chem. we have learnt that when pressure increase, temperature decreases. Therefore, it is usual for us to feel "cold" in sch, and that explains the reason why we're buying class jacket!

Hahaha...the above is just for laughing we'll have to decide abt the class jacket thingy..LOL~

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