Monday, April 28, 2008

Rad rad rad random.

Just something bo liao hahahaha. (:

Morning, the sun shines high and bright
The test I shall conquer with sure might
Having studied through the night,
Certain victory looks within sight

The very first question makes me feel diaoz
Soon I know I gg liaoz
Every moment I feel more sianz
Might as well get some ZZZ

Afternoon, rain falls fast and hard
My dreams are all in mud
Any hopes were merely a dud
Nothing cheers me, not even beancurd (drink!)

Staring at the falling rain,
it looks back with disdain
For four more days, I will stay sane,
Then its back into a world of pain

Those who have pictures of our class please post!! make our blog more colourful! *sad eyes*

Ahhhh, tmrw's GP essay :/


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