Sunday, March 1, 2009

  1. Alicia:
    Username: A04029qx
    Password: base09

  2. Alvin H:
    Username: H06237 (alvin I think your username missing a few more letters behind. the paper didn’t print finish. if cant sign in, need to ask mr gan :/)
    Password: champ63

  3. Valerie:
    Username: K06673ly
    Password: black36

  4. Hancong:
    Username: L02602ed
    Password: barge95

  5. Benjamin:
    Username: L06468ia
    Password: attic34

  6. Shangfa:
    Username: L03269fd
    Password: ruler18

  7. Weijie:
    Username: L05710po
    Password: ankle26

  8. Dominic:
    Username: P09577tm
    Password: flow98

  9. Yong Joong:
    Username: S04140st
    Password: same27

  10. Jolene:
    Username: T07022sk
    Password: bunk39

  11. Hinkai:
    Username: T08675ge
    Password: quick72

  12. Shawn:
    Username: T01116qp
    Password: fair13

  13. Yifang:
    Username: T08969nb
    Password: jelly33

  14. Brian:
    Username: Y04865xc
    Password: joint92

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