Friday, March 20, 2009

CIP :)

Singapore Kindness Month 2009

One of the highlights of the programme is a series of Flash Mob activities. The aim of these flash mob activities is to remind Singaporeans that they can engage in simple acts of kindness everyday.

Heartware will be collaborating with SKM to engage a group of 300 volunteers to participate in the flash mob activities held over 4 Saturdays in April.

Volunteers will be part of the flash mob activities, which will take place at different locations each week. These acts will catch members of public by surprise at familiar locations such as hawker centres, fast food restaurants, shopping centres, buses, MRT trains and train stations. The 300 volunteers will be led by leaders to perform and accomplish the acts of kindness.

Some of the actions volunteers will be performing include:
1. Saying “Hello” and greeting passers-by
2. Giving up seats to other passengers
3. Encouraging people to keep to the left on escalators
4. Encouraging passengers (on bus or MRT) to move in
Volunteers are also invited to the official launch at IMM on 4th April after 6pm.

We are looking for 300 volunteers who are:
• Age 15 years and above
• Energetic, confident and fun-loving
• Able to commit from 1pm – 7pm on any of the Saturdays or all Saturdays

We are also looking for 15-20 leaders who are:
• Age 17 years and above
• Energetic, confident and fun-loving
• Preferably with past leadership experience with Heartware
• Able to commit for a training session on 28th March (tentative)
• Able to commit from 1pm – 7pm on any of the Saturdays or all Saturdays

• Interact with the public and develop confidence in public speaking
• Learn the value and importance of nurturing a gracious society
• MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the community
• Gain a minimum of 6 hours

Interested volunteers can sign up for the activity “Singapore Kindness Month” on Youth Bank ( Application closes on 24th March 2009 (Tuesday).

I was thinking this is pretty fun and if you're still missing CIP, just join this for 1 day :D

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