Friday, May 9, 2008


Friday's Hw: Chem bonding tutorial Qnt 1 (to Qnt 4 if possible)

  • Wear PE attire on Monday
  • Chinese Oral & listening compres start on Tuesday
  • Tuesday's Chem lecture changed to tutorial at F3-02.
  • Physics SPA on oscillations on Wed.
  • Econs test on Market Failure on Thursday.
  • Chem test on Atomic Structure & Chemical Kinetics on Friday, 12.55pm, E2-03.
  • Alicia, please rmb to pay the printing shop $$ for PW file. Xiexie ni!
  • There will be no class chalet during June Hols, but Alicia is holding a chalet on 2 & 3rd June.
Oh, and its Angie's Birthday on Monday, the 12th. (:

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