Sunday, May 18, 2008

'Rainbow (R)' MSN Campaign

Hello, spread the rainbows. By putting a rainbow in front of your MSN nick, you're helping the victims in China. Msn will donate 20 cent each time, so please put a rainbow in front of your nicks.
MSN China has initiated a new MSN Messenger campaign allowing Chinese netizens to express their "prayers and blessings" toward the "Sichuan / Wenchuan earthquake disaster area" by changing their MSN signatures to display a rainbow.

According to MSN, the rainbow represents hope and a good things to come: "We MSN believe that there is always a rainbow after the wind and rain."

Participation in the campaign only requires adding an "(R)" before your MSN Messenger screen-name. For detailed instructions and the text from which the above quotes are translated, link here (in Chinese).
Btw, it's in chinese, cause MSN China initiated this.

Currently, they have 1,165,337 x 0.20 = 233,067.40 RMB

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