Sunday, July 19, 2009

For anyone who's keen

I know not me, I'm not contemplating overseas studies at all. Local's good enough.
Anyway, there's some inconsistencies with the dates and stuff. Today Straits Times did a Special Report about US Scholarship fair which is happening (or rather, has happened) today at Suntec. The one the school gave us the brochure for is happening next weekend, Sunday, at Suntec. Hope it's 2 different things, and there's no confusion.

Anyone interested can still jio me go see see look look cause I remember last time I went with my friends, then my friend (girl) saw this tall quite handsome angmoh promoting his university or something, and the angmoh was going on and on about the standard of living in his country and the requirements to enter the school... and my friend stopped him and said, "You very handsome leh. Are all the guys in your school so handsome one?"

He stun. We stun also! Haha quite funny.

Haha! Okay that's all then. Goodnight see yall tmr! :D

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