Saturday, May 16, 2009


What are the first 3 words you saw? :D :D

  1. Physics SPA Skill A Exam (20 May, Wed)
    Topic tested: Electricity & Magnetism
    Time: 7.15 - 8.30 AM Venue: LT4

  2. Econs Lect (20 May, Wed)
    usual lect period at 12.55pm to changed to 4.30pm

  3. Physics Lecture Test (27 May, Wed)
    Time: 3.30PM - 4.30PM
    Topics tested: Thermal & Quantum
    Format: 2 long structured questions

  1. GP discussion on IVLE, Sexism. (For those who didnt finish)
  2. Hwa Chong Econs paper on IVLE
  3. Anti thesis for Qnt 1e), PG 54 for the book econs book.
  4. Quatum Tut
  5. Hypothesis math Tut

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