Thursday, December 11, 2008

Genting II

Hello, I'm back again.

The dates that we will be at Genting will most likely be confirmed at 5-7 Jan 09.
An additional day will cost us $25 per person.

We will be taking a coach(Grassland Express & Tours) that will be leaving S'pore at 0700 on the 5th & leaving from Genting Highlands at 1030 on the 7th. Since both are morning coaches, please tell me if you guys need an extra day okay? (: If so, we will be leaving from Genting on the 8th instead in the morning at 1030.

The total cost of the coach plus the hotel stay will be around S$100 (excluding the extra day). They stated that its S$89 NET, but there is a S$10 fuel surcharge & I don't know if its included.

Tell me whether you guys need the extra day ASAP please! Thank you :D :D

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